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Modern Blues I For Keyboard!

Note: Blues videos will not be for sale this year

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Learn the blues! Modern Blues for piano, organ and electronic keyboard - 2 Hour DVD Video - Learn the hottest licks, techniques, chord voicings and flashy tricks from this new instructional video.

Covers theory, blues harmonies and combining pentatonic, dorian, mixolydian and diminished scales for blues, jazz, funk and rock styles.

Other topics include two-handed rhythm techniques, voicing chords using fourths, secondary dominants, tritone substitutions and arrangement concepts. Provides a detailed description of the harmonic tools that blues/rock/jazz musicians use. There's a great concluding concert by Jimmy Malone.

Modern Blues for Keyboard I presents a comprehensive approach to understanding how to play and arrange the blues. Every technique is broken down into simplified steps with bass lines clearly demonstrated. No music reading is necessary. Covers both piano and organ licks! (The default version is American DVD format.)

There is a full, money back guarantee for up to one year after your purchase the video! That's right! You can keep the video for up to a full year, and if not satisfied, return it for a full refund, including your postage!

Lifetime warranty: If your player accidentally destroys the video, you get another one free regardless of how long its been since you've ordered the video.

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See also Modern Blues II for Keyboard!! Modern Blues II

Video - includes left hand independence, song arrangement and the mechanics of creating a groove!


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You have a full, money back guarantee for one year from the invoice date. All that is required is a statement of the reason for returning the item. Return videos here. Do not return the video with any type of return receipt. If it doesn't arrive, I'll just take your word for it.

Defective videos that are reported within 60 days of the invoice date are replaced immediately, using first class U.S. mail.

Learn hot blues like the pros!

Frequently asked questions:

  • Who is selling these videos? You are buying the video from the creator of the video, me, Alex Glaros. No one else is licensed to sell it (except for Musician's Friend catalog). I use PayPal to securely handle web credit card transactions, but I produced it, play the keyboard on the video and ship it to you. No middle man is involved.
  • Why do the videos cost more than other piano instructional videos? The other videos are only 20 minutes long. Mine are 2 to 3 hours long. Many of the other videos have a famous artist teach you one or two things with no well thought-out lesson plan, and sometimes their fingers move too fast to see what notes they are playing. Modern Blues videos have methodical, in depth training plan to teach you many important concepts systematically and thoroughly.
  • Are VHS tape versions available? Yes, email me to make a special request.

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