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How to order Modern Blues For Keyboard video!

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Modern Blues I For Keyboard costs $49.95

Fast shipping! All videos are shipped via first class air mail either on the same day as purchase or at the latest, the next business day.

The default format is U.S.A. DVD

NTSC, U.S.A. format or PAL, European format are both available on DVD. If you want tapes that play on a VCR you must special order those.

Shipping for USA orders is $5.99. Grand total for USA orders is $55.94 (No sales tax for anyone!)

Estimated shipping time is 3-6 business days (within the U.S.).

International orders (NTSC American video format), shipping cost is $5.99 All payments must be in US funds. Grand total, all costs included (except your customs if any) is $55.94. I ship to every country. If the video never arrives, I will send it again until you receive it.

PAL format (for European VCRs), shipping fee is $15.00; clearly specify if requesting PAL. Grand total, all costs included (except your customs if any) is $64.95 If you order both Modern Blues I & II videos, total cost including shipping (except for whatever your customs are) is $85.

The only shipping method is US air mail for both domestic and international orders.

You can choose from several methods of paying for Modern Blues for Keyboard:

Check or money order!

Send check or money order here

International customers

International customers: Please make sure that your address appears correctly on your e-mail confirmation that you automatically get when finishing an on-line order.

Please check your e-mail after 24 hours to make sure that I haven't mailed you a follow up question! Sometimes I need to know some info before I mail out the video!

There is a PAL version (European video format) for countries that do not use the the American (NTSC) video format. To order the PAL version click on the PayPal button here:


To buy both PAL videos I and II click on the PayPal button below:

If your country uses the PAL format, but you have an NTSC VCR, then let me know that you've intentionally ordered the NTSC version. Otherwise, I won't send you the NTSC version until I've emailed you to make sure you didn't accidentally order the wrong format.

There's three ways to pay. PayPal payments, above, will not be accepted in some countries. If PayPal payments aren't accepted for your country, mail a check to the address above. You can also use Western Union to send your payment. If you use Western Union, you must contact me by email first. (I'm away from the phone often so be sure to use email.)

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