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How to buy both Modern Blues I and II for Keyboard videos

European PAL format

buy both Modern Blues I and II videos

Buy both Modern Blues I and II in European PAL DVD format

Grand total: The total cost of both videos together is $85 with free shipping and no taxes!

This format is European PAL DVD

Estimated shipping time is two weeks (usually less).

The only shipping method is US air mail for international orders.

You can choose from two methods for paying for Modern Blues for Keyboard:

International customers

International customers: Please make sure that your address appears correctly on your e-mail confirmation that you automatically get when finishing an on-line order.

Please check your e-mail after 24 hours to make sure that I haven't mailed you a follow up question! Sometimes I need to know some info before I mail out the video!

If your country uses the PAL format, but you have an NTSC player, then let me know that you've intentionally ordered the NTSC version. Otherwise, I won't send you the NTSC version until I've emailed you to make sure you didn't accidentally order the wrong format.

There is a full, money back guarantee for up to one year after your purchase the video! That's right! You can keep the video for up to a full year, and if not satisfied, return it for a full refund, including your postage!

Lifetime warranty: If you lose your DVD or your player accidentally destroys the video, you get another one free regardless of how long its been since you've ordered the video. International clients must pay shipping $15.00

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Modern Blues II

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You have a full, money back guarantee for one year from the invoice date. All that is required is a statement of the reason for returning the item. Return videos here. Do not return the video with any type of return receipt. If it doesn't arrive, I'll just take your word for it.

Defective videos that are reported within 60 days of the invoice date are replaced immediately, using first class U.S. mail.

Learn hot blues like the pros!