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Piano students now have a new avenue for learning blues, rock and jazz styles of playing. "Modern Blues For Keyboard" is a recently produced instructional video which takes a fresh approach to teaching students a wide range of music theory, licks and harmonies.

Produced by musician Alex Glaros in Sacramento, CA, in collaboration with music professor Rob Knable and studio musician Jimmy Malone, the video shows the student how whole grooves for songs are assembled. The student can see how each part fits in with the rest of the song: melody, bass and chords are separately broken down into detailed steps. As each part is demonstrated, the music theory behind it is explained so that the student doesn't just memorize the notes, but actually understands the notes' functions and how to apply the concepts to the student's own style of playing.

One of the features of the video is the high quality of the licks that are taught in it. "My goal was to include the most usable, hottest keyboard licks in the world" states Glaros. "I wanted to make any student sound like he or she just stepped off the stage from a concert with Jimmy Smith or Ramsey Lewis."

Some of the topics in the video include blues harmonies, combining pentatonic, dorian, mixolydian and diminished scales for blues, jazz, funk and rock styles, two-handed rhythm techniques, voicing chords using fourths, secondary dominants, tritone substitutions, flashy tricks and arrangement concepts. No music reading is necessary to learn the material in the video.

One of the video's highlights is the concluding concert by Glaros' friend and neighbor, Jimmy Malone. "I consider Jimmy to be one of the greatest musicians in the world" says Glaros. "Jimmy has an incredible ability to reach out and communicate with an audience; combine that with power rhythms, complete mastery of harmony, perfect pitch and a hip style of incorporating jazz riffs into funk and rock music, and you get some of the greatest music that you've ever heard!"

The amount of material covered in the two hour video is considerable. "My plan was to pack three years worth of music theory into the video" says Glaros. Starting out from a beginner's level, the video works its way up to advanced concepts, constituting a veritable encyclopedia of blues oriented funk and jazz licks, bass lines and harmonic tools.

The video retails for $49.95 plus $3.00 shipping, and can be ordered via its Web page at www.surfermall.com/blues.

Instead of trying to get their classical piano teacher to show them some blues and jazz licks, students can now find a complete, authoritative list of licks, theory and grooves in "Modern Blues For Keyboard" video.



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