Potty Training Video!

Have Fun During Potty Training!

Its potty time

Its easy to learn potty training with friends! Come and join Bobby for his birthday! As Bobby and his friends prepare for the party, one of the major tasks is to "go potty."

It's Potty Time is a tape that children enjoy as much as their favorite cartoons. Within 2-6 weeks your child will learn the songs teaching proper methods for using the toilet, hand washing, and even flushing.

Children love watching this entertaining video over and over again. Its a fun, no-pressure way of communicating the basic ideas of potty training to children.

This video teaches children by using examples, positive reinforcement and gentle encouragement.

teddy bear imageApproximate running time: 25 minutes

Recommended for boys and girls, ages 2 years and up. Contains no commercials or product endorsements. Main characters are real children actors.

Its Potty Time is approved by the Duke University Medical Center.

Available in Spanish (Espanol) too!

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