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Subject: Re: 2 man drills for newbies
Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2002 23:07:22 GMT
From: "Spiderman" <[email protected]>

This is a bit of an advanced drill but it should work well for beginners who
want to improve. Obviously, the serve is the most important part of the
game as it's the only time one player is in complete control of a shot, and
the other player is in the opposite practice the serve and
service return

Same player serves the whole game (to 15 or whatever). Since the same
person serves the whole game, they only get one serve per rally. Servers
goal is to 1) get service into play, and 2) retrieve any shot hit by that it just makes it to the front wall. Receivers goal is to
return serve in such a way that the server cannot retrieve the ball and hit
it to the front wall.

1) Server hit a short or long or some fault serve...point to receiver.
2) Server aces receiver. Point to server.
3) Serve is in play...receiver makes a fair return but server is able to
hit the ball so that it makes it to the front wall. Point server.
4) Serve is in play and receiver puts ball away or returns it in a way the
the server cannot get the next shot to the front wall...point for receiver.

This drill teaches a couple important factors of the sport. The first is
aggression...the aggressive player usually wins, therefore both server and
receiver must be on the offensive in order to score. Second, it's a pretty
good workout for the receiver...especially if you add another rule...of only
drive serves. Third, it teaches the server to use different serves as the
receiver will eventually get use to the same serve. and fourth, it gives
the receiver an opportunity to work on their focus for th return...what will
they do...what works and what doesn't, etc.

After a 15 point game, switch positions.

You can always work on stamina by riding a bike or stairmaster or
something...but if you want to learn and work on aggressive
improve your matchplay and win games...this is a good drill.

you're friendly neighborhood...Spiderman

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> Hi: I've been reading for a while and have picked up a lot of information
> along the way. I' not a great player, but do enjoy the game with a good
> friend who is much better at it than I am.
> I have been asked by another friend to help him learn the game. He has
> played any racquet sport before so so it's the blind leading the really,
> really blind.
> Last couple of times, we've spent about 45 minutes just batting the ball
> around the court, not worrying about the number of times it bounces,
> serve style etc. I'm doing this to try and get him use to the feel of the
> racquet and to develop a sense of where the ball is headed on the return.
> What I'm looking for is any two man drills that someone might be able to
> suggest that I can use to help improve Doug's game. Would there be such a
> thing as a web site that might give me "lesson plans" or ideas?
> We're in a very small town in Northern Alberta with no pro or semi-pro
> around so lessons are out. In addition my friend does have the confidence
> yet to play any of the other couple of dozen players around.
> All help, even suggestions of book titles (that I can order on line or
> through the mail) would be greatefully appreciated.
> Michael

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