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Subject: Re: Sports Drink recommendation?
Date: Sat, 22 Feb 2003 19:26:01 GMT
From: Ed Arias

Joseph, here's some things to think about concerning rehydration.

1. Sodium is the most important factor ... you need to replace the sodium
lost in sweat. A drink with 25-50mmol/L should be sufficient. Following an
hour or more of rball, you may lose close to 2% of your body mass (i.e.
~4lbs in a 200lb person) ... you will have a) lost water (4lbs water =
1.8L), and b) lost a lot of sodium in sweat (~50mmol/L) ... so you'll have
lost a considerable amount of sodium ... If you drink just water
following exercise, you exacerbate the effects from the absolute sodium lost
with further diluting the sodium you retain in your system. This decreases
your plasma osmolarity which further affects your fluid balance ... the
kidneys think there's too much water in your system and you'll urinate even
more than you normally would, taking you further into negative fluid
balance. So the point is you should take in as much sodium as possible
following exercise ... any excess sodium will just be removed in the

2. Obviously, the volume you drink is important ... again any extra volume
or sodium will be lost in urine. This is really where the glucose comes
into play ... in terms of fluid replacement. After playing hard, what would
you rather drink ... gatorade or salted-water? This is the real reason why
there's sugar in Gatorade, so its tastes good. Plus a little sugar helps
with gastrointestinal absorption of the water.

Now, aside from rehydration, if you want to replenish your energy stores
cause you have another match in a few hours ... then you definitely want to
drinking a glucose-protein drink like Endurox almost immediately (within 30
min) following your previous match ... in this window, your muscle will
"supercompensate" their glycogen loss ... but don't forget the sodium/volume

During a match, you want to drink something like Gatorade, to perturb the
effects of fluid loss and if the match is long enough, the sugar will help
maintain your blood glucose and ultimately spare the muscle glycogen which
is your real fuel source.

Overall, I've tried the Endurox stuff and its awesome. I'll take the
Gatorade and feel good later but won't have the energy ... the endurox
restores both.

Hope this helps and didn't come out too confusing.

Ed Arias


Alt.Sport.Racquetball "Frequently Asked Questions"

Joseph wrote in message news:[email protected]
> I get worn out playing racquetball and am looking for a rehydration drink
> for between games. When we step out of the court for a drink I just go to
> the water fountain. I need something more. Perhaps a little glucose with
> some vitamins. Nothing like Redbull or that sort. No ephedrine. Just
> hydration and perhaps electrolytes. Any recommendation?
> Joseph

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