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  I hope this isn't a dumb question but...

I was curious if anyone had any advice on weather or not my racquet is a cause
of elbow problems. I have been suffering for about 3 years so I am sure it is
other factors (like bad form) but currently I use a Bedlam X190 with 17lb
string at 31 lbs. I love the racquet, but I have a few questions..

Does strings or tension have anything to do with bringing about more pain?
Would another racquet weight help? 150 or 170 for example
Would a tension change help?

I have tried ALMOST everything you could imagine to get better but nothing has
worked so far so my last thought is maybe if I change something with the
racquet I will have a miracle cure and rid myself of this pain.

I am mostly a control player but I like to have power when I need it. Don't we

Thanks for your help- I appreciate any feedback



Hi Kevin,

Get lessons from a certified teacher who will work on your swing with you. Why? Because correct swing form is not intuitive.

The racquetball swing utilizes your body's hinges/joints like a double pendulum but that power is being used against you to injure your elbow instead of being transferred to the ball.

If you get a different racquet you might avoid the pain but will still be swinging just as inefficiently.

Think about it: during a game you're swinging hundreds of times and you can either damage yourself each time that you swing, or, you can use your body's natural systems to leverage your power like a wave of Newtonian kinetic energy that passes through you, without you having to do any work.

Which one of the above do you want to repeat over and over again?

Here's a link to correct swing technique which has a section on elbow pain.

Alex Glaros