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Correct swing technique

Subject: Re: elbow pain!! HELP!!!!
Date: 09 Jan 2001 18:52:56 GMT
From: rkttami

From my experience, I'd say that your friends are correct in saying that your
shot mechanics are probably needing some work. Not following through your
swing can really hurt your elbow.

Here is a page on my website that takes you through some shot mechanics.

The information is reliable. The instructor is Tom Travers. He's the author of
the "Mastery of Racquetball" video tapes.

Good luck with your injury. Lots of us have been there. : )

Tami Evers

Subject: Re: elbow pain!! HELP!!!!
Date: 09 Jan 2001 22:48:35 GMT
From: (Dano 1 fit)

elbow pain.
there are different things that are probably causing your elbow pain.
mechanics and equipment are where you need to start.
during your swing try to emphasize wrist snap more than anything else, if you
are thinking stroke mechanics during your swing, that will cause you tense up
and swing with less efficiency.....try to turn you body toward either the
backand or forehand side, and try to get your racquet up...after that just
think about a loose arm and propelling the ball with more wrist snap than
anything else.....typically the wrist snap comes last in the proper swing
(aside from the follow through), therefore if you're caught up in the mechanics
and you're late with the swing, the wrist doesn't snap and the tension and
vibration travel up the arm instead of being absorbed by the just
stay loose and focus on snap...don't think about power at all because muscling
up on the shot also causes tension...if you're able to do this , then purchase
better strings or a better frame that will give you that catapult effect
(coeffecient of restitution) that we all enjoy feeling when we hit the sweet

Subject:              Re: HELP!!!!!

        Date:              24 Mar 2000 06:14:41 GMT

       From:             (Jordan Kahn)

Good question!

As Greg said, use your tennis abilities to help your racquetball game.

There are only two basic differences between the stroke mechanics of tennis and

racquetball, the back swing set up and what happens just before contact with

the ball.


1a) Tennis backswing ready position has locked arm with racquet back and low to

ground- given an easy setup.

1b) Racquetball has no backswing due to racquet weight and throat size, but

instead, just rest the racquet on your (back) shoulder- given an easy setup.

2a) Tennis has arm extended, from back swing to contact with ball, all without

snapping your wrist.

2b) Racquetball only ends up with arm extended, but wrist snaps all the way,

like waving goodbye.

Easiest way to learn a racquetball swing is to use a "sideways" Karate Chop

swing, starting with the racquet up by your shoulder, keeping your "elbow"

always in front, until your wrist catches up with your elbow as your arm is

fully extended, then snap your wrist completely upon contact with ball.

Your position, weight transfer and steps are about the same as tennis, so you

should quickly develop lots of power after a short time of practice.

Best Tip:

To help "snap" your wrist, practice touching the tip of your racquet to your

"butt" on the follow-through of your FOREHAND swing. This will teach you to

"break" and snap your wrist.


The backhand is similar, but more difficult to explain on text. Just remember

to "attack" medium high balls before they get to your front foot. In other

words, hit the ball a shoulder distance between your front foot and front wall

on the medium high backhand swings.

Very low and very high balls can be hit closer to your body, unlike tennis

because of the length of the racquet.

Your backhand is like a "Frisbee" throw. Start by resting your racquet on your

(back) shoulder and lead a "whip-like" action with your elbow until your arm is

fully extended- then snap your wrist on contact (or just before).

IMPORTANT: Hit all balls "flat", do not use any topspin or slice. The spin of

the balls comes from the combination of walls that are hit.

Good Luck,



From: Betty Jo 


I am new to the group.  I have a question about my swing.  I am having a

little trouble "forgetting" my tennis swing.  Any suggestions on how to

"forget" it like.  Are there any drills that I could do??



Subject: Re: HELP!!!!! Date: Fri, 24 Mar 2000 17:12:26 -0500 From: "John D." Organization: Posted via Supernews, I agree with this and I have coined a phrase for the younger players... "Drag an' snap!" (Dragon snap) Point the racquet toward the back wall, drag it toward the ball, then snap your wrist to hit the ball. "Drag and snap!" John D. "Scott" wrote in message > This may not be the best way to beat this problem, but it helped me. > > Concentrate on leading your shot with the "butt" of the racquet (on the > forehand at least). This will force you to keep the racquet headup, and > your wrist cocked until you get to the point of impact. Keep your elbow > close to your body, racquet head up, lead with the butt of the racquet > handle until the point of contact. > > my .02. > > sfs > > > Betty Jo King wrote in message > >Hello, > > > >I am new to the group. I have a question about my swing. I am having a > >little trouble "forgetting" my tennis swing. Any suggestions on how to > >"forget" it like. Are there any drills that I could do?? > > > >Thanks, > >BJ > >

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