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Subject: Re: advanced strategies
Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2001 13:48:35 -0600
From: "Ken Zwyers"

As others have said, don't hit it to your opponent. See where he is, and
hit it somewhere else. I know, it's sometimes easier said than done. If
he's on the right, hit it to the left, if he's towards the front, hit a
passing shot, etc.

I received a huge lesson by accident this past October. The pros were in
town, and I was watching an early match that happened to have a "D" level
match playing right next to it. I began to compare the playing styles of
the two courts and was very amazed at the strategy being used.

On the "D" court, there were a lot of higher skill shots being taken. Lots
of pinches, Z-serves, overhand drive serves, splats, etc. On the pro court,
however, the strategy was amazingly simple. I'd say that 75-80% of their
hits were passing shots. It seemed that they were trying to get control of
center court in order to finish the rally the next shot.

The difference seemed to be that the "D" players were hitting higher level
shots, but weren't hitting them effectively, leaving the ball up for their
opponent. The pros, however were hitting very basic shots, but were so
effective hitting them that it would be very difficult for anyone but
another pro to return them.

Hope this helps!

Ken Zwyers

chuckmyers wrote in message ...
>this is my first newsgroup post, so let me know if i did this correctly -
>i was wondering if any open level player can give me any advanced insight
>to what you look for during a volley
>in regards to your opponents court position and the shot you take.
>also, any drills in this or any other area would be helpful.
>I am desperately trying to move up from a C-B tourney level to compete with
>the A players.