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How to cut off lobs


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From an  Ed Arias post to the racquetball news group
 Don't know about others but for me...I certainly have to devote time to
 practice this...and I CAN say that with practice, you will (should :)
 improve.  Before I would practice cutting off lobs, I had a very low
 percentage of successful returns...after practicing, just the's really not that hard.
 Basically, the server is lobbing you and it may be to your advantage to
 hit the lob on a fly or on the short-hop vs waiting to hit it off the
 back wall or something similar.  At first, this (cutting
 off/short-hopping) may seem worthless but with practice, it'll pay off
 very well.
 I practice both cutting off a fly lob and short-hopping...and I'm better
 at cutting off the fly (in particular).  To practice this, stand about
 2-4 feet behind the receiving line near the left sidewall (for righties)
 and just hit yourself lobs and work on positioning yourself to cut off
 the lob and making an offensive shot.  Positioning is very you might want to start by just catching the ball in your
 non-racquet hand at the spot where you would want to hit the
 other words, lob to yourself and move into position so you catch the
 ball (with your left hand) right about waist-to-knee level with enough
 room to have a somewhat extended swing.  Once you succeed doing
 this...go ahead and swing away...try to place the ball...either
 killshot/pass DTL or a pinch/splat...try hitting your pinches/splats so
 that the ball hits near the opposing sidewall at the service
 zone..making it hard for the server to retrieve your shot.(since they
 should be trying to maintain center court).
 Once you practice this a while...practice short-hopping the ball in the
 same way...except you really won't be able to catch the ball (off the
 short hop)...but give it a ferw good swings (concentrating on good
 position relative to the ball) and you should become progressively more
 You can do the same on the right side of the court...even hit backhand
 lobs to your forehand to work on better control with soft-backhand shots
 (lobs) first it'll probably be miserable...but with time (and not
 too much time at that :) you should start gaining a lot of control in
 the "set-up" and "put-away".
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