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Get a grip - how to hold the racquet handle

How beginners can improve their game

How to stay out of your opponent's way

How to become an advanced player

Court position - where to stand when receiving

Swing technique - beginners' step by step breakdown of swing mechanics

General swing tips

Backhand techniques

Elbow pain

All kinds of serves for singles play grouped by court position

Serving tips

Jason's half lob serve

Returning serves

How to hit a consistent lob



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There are a lot great tips in the form of temporary racquetball news group postings and e-mail. The purpose of this site is to capture the best of this info and organize it into categories. The result would be a huge library of racquetball tips arranged by topic. 

There are instructional pages already on the Web but I’d like to see a place where many players’ unique ideas on one tightly focused subject are all on the same page. Maybe different players will be able to conceptualize some suggestions better than others. Each player's spin on the subject would help the readers understand it in a different way. 

I got the idea for this from golf magazines where I noticed that the same stroke was covered every month, but by different instructors using a different approach. It seems that people can’t get enough of good instructional material and that publishing a new spin on the same swing works, month after month. 


Alex Glaros 


Rules Questions

Safety when swinging your racquet


More drills

How to cut off lobs

How to short-hop ceiling lobs - and deal with a lobber

Biomechanics - speed, etc.

Teaching kids racquetball

Tournament Directors: How to fit Juniors Division into your tournament

How to play an opponent who is at a lower level than you

How to deal with a player who hinders

How to learn from a video of a pro racquetball match

How to obtain more energy during a game

Sports drink recommendation

Threading the safety cord through the handle

Promoting the sport of racquetball

10 things to help promote racquetball at your facility

Survey: how did you start playing racquetball

Tips for instructors

Mentoring and racquetball