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Jason's Half Lob Serve


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Here's a new serve I learned from Jason Mannino when I took Fran Davis' racquetball camp. I may be off a few inches here and there because I didn't ask him for a detailed description. But you can see him serve it in the 2000 rball championship video.

Stand just left of center court facing square to the side wall.

Drop the ball on your right side (towards the right side of the court), arms length from your body, even with your lead foot, so that ball drops on the floor in the center, between the two side walls. The ball bounces somewhat higher than hip level where you contact it.

Hit the ball on your right side, so that the ball passes on your left side. The ball travels in the air past the dotted safety line towards back court where the first thing it contacts is the floor near the side wall. It doesn't hit the side wall first. The ball hits the floor beyond the dotted safety line, maybe 6 feet from the back wall or more.

The ball bounces up and hits the side wall at the early stage of the ball's ascent. Because it hits the floor near the side wall, then hits the side wall in the early stage of its ascent, deep in back court, its very hard to cut off. It's tricky getting the ball to hit the side wall on the way up, instead of hitting the wall on the way down.

After hitting the side wall, the ball hits the back wall at a height of about 1 foot and the second bounce ends up still pretty near the left back court corner.

Jason mixes this up with other serves, all from the same court position and service motion, regardless of whether he's playing a righty or lefty. The Z half lob to the the right side passes in front of him. Jason told me that the full, high lob is too easily killed by opponents, so most of his serves are half lobs.

Here's a video of Jason's serve on Cary Moody's web site:

Carl's racquetball site is here: