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Free Relational Database Tutorial
and Tips For Beginners!

Intro To Data Modeling - By Alex Glaros

Welcome to my online intro training class on how to design files for a relational database system. You can learn how to design files to accurately reflect almost any business problem. This is called modeling the data.

Here's the dilemma: Real world business problems can't be represented with simple lists of information.

Relational databases can accurately model all kinds of problems. But, using them is not intuitive, at least not at first!

I've taught many people how to design data files and discovered that there's two ways people learn. By: (1) using rules or (2) intuition. Beginners with math blocks can learn intuitively just as fast or faster than skilled computer programmers!

I find it somehow comforting that the relational database idea is not some passing-fad theory but actually based on relational algebra. Its based on solid math concepts that make your information work for you in the most efficient manner possible. Relational databases will always be with us! But don't worry, there won't be any complicated math!

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