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How To Teach Your Child To Swim
by Alex Glaros



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How to teach your kids to swim!
Swimming lessons for 3 year old children

One of the best places to teach a child to swim is in the bathtub because it's convenient enough to allow daily lessons, and warm enough to keep them comfortable.

If your child is too big to float in your tub, use the same techniques in a pool. Make sure though that the pool water is warm , otherwise they quickly get turned off to swimming lessons.

Before you take your child near water, here's some must-read safety warnings:

  • A child can drown in 2 inches of water
  • An older child is not mature enough to watch a non-swimmer. Kids have drowned with their older sibling right in the water with them
  • Never leave kids alone in the bathtub, even if it's for one second to get a towel, answer the phone or doorbell. If you have to leave the room, take the child with you.
  • Never take your eyes off your child at the pool. Don't chat with anyone or read anything. Our neighbor's child drowned during swimming lessons, when the instructor released the kids after class and the parents were momentarily distracted during the few seconds after class was finished. Even if they can swim, keep watching them.

Use a rubber mat so the bottom of the tub isn't slippery. Children drink the bath water; if you get in with the child, take a shower first.

Establish a routine of going through several drills each session. This is to be done every day unless the child is sick or tired. Blowing bubbles should be one of the drills that you'll go through every day.

First step is getting the child to blow bubbles

First blow air on your child's face so he knows that air is being blown from your mouth, then lower your aim while still blowing and blow bubbles in the water facing him, not putting your mouth too deep so bubbles coming out are out of sight.

Never ever force your child to to anything that he's not ready for. Just find a level, no matter how elementery the child is confortable with and work from there. You might have to wait a month or a year for the child to be ready for the next level; that's okay.

Make sure that he's blowing air from his lungs, and not just filling his cheeks with air. Touch his ribs with your hand to see if the air is coming from there; sometimes kids just fill their cheeks with air.

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